Quran Memorization Tracker

In 2008 I was lucky to have a hafiz working at my job. He would teach us memorization of Quran during lunch time. As a convert this was valuable. I didn’t know how to read Arabic well so I relied on hearing the teacher and associating the sounds to the written words. Even to this day I find it hard to read fluently. If I hear the recitation then the words make sense to me. After a few years we became busy at work. We had more responsibilities and eventually we were worked in different locations. I tried to memorize on my own but lacked the discipline and routine that I had in those previous days.

I eventually had kids and they were learning Quran at school. They were memorizing and not revising. I would ask them what they memorized and they did not even recall. I could keep notes but I wanted something that was handy and made for the task. So I created a book called the Quran Memorization Notebook.

It’s currently on Amazon. It’s 346 pages and has many lined pages to add notes on. I started using it and realized that I needed some to hear some recitation since I did not recall the finer points of some ayats I memorized. I did what many would do, open the Quran app on the phone, look for the sura then scroll to the ayat. I figured there must be a quicker way.

I went back to the drawing board and created another Quran Tracker. This one has QR codes that will link to the ayat I needed clarification. It was a bit of work compiling all the QR codes and incorporating it into the pages but I got it to work. This one is also on Amazon Quran Memorization Tracker.

I cut down the number of lined pages to 250. The QR codes work by linking to my website where you choose the ayat you are looking for and links to Quran.com.

Quran Tracker Page

Below is a sample page of the Quran tracker. When you complete memorizing an ayat you check off the box.

The QR code will allow you to navigate to a page with the ayat numbers. Press one of the squares and it takes to the ayat on Quran.com

Quran.com is the site is a great fit for this book/app hybrid. It has word specific translation which give me that extra memory hook to memorize the quran.

I intend to use this book to keep track of my kids memorization progress and mine. This was an idea I had floating in my mind for a few years I hope this product can help you in your memorization journey.

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